Scochy update

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Yesterday Steve, Cissi and I had our first rehearsal. We have been doing some stuff in the studio and recorded a couple of things, but what we really want to do is go out and play gigs. We even entered a contest to become Sweden’s most promising new act. Listen to a recording we did and vote for us here!

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New guitar!

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Bought this nice western guitar yesterday. Here’s me playing a lousy 12 bar blues on it 🙂

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I just rearranged my 19″ rack. I took out the crackling Mackie, obsolete compressor and V-Amp, and rerouted some equipment so my setup is aimed more at actually making music instead of at trying to figure out nice audio routing. Suddenly my filterbank, guitar pedals, kaossilator and machinedrum came alive and produced this dark and sinister track called Bury me in a nameless grave:

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Alesis Multimix 8 Line

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The schematic of the Alesis Multimix 8 Line is printed on top of its cover and not in the manual, which is kind of annoying if you’ve got it racked up. So I took a picture of it and uploaded it here for reference since I couldn’t find it anywhere else either. Click on the pic below for a large photo. I hope it’s useful to some people, it is to me at least. 🙂

The reason I needed the schematic is that I’m trying to figure out why my machine sometimes switches to mono output or left or right only signals. The Alesis website says: When a mono signal is present on any input or stereo send, the Left signal is automatically summed to mono for mono or stereo compatibility. I don’t understand the “or stereo send” part here, I suspect they mean “or stereo return”...

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Play that funky music

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Bought new batteries for my kaoss pad, and finally expanded my MIDI I/O with a MOTU MIDI Express 128.

Everything is finally racked and hooked up so I spent the larger part of the weekend making music. I’ve uploaded the new two tracks below to Soundcloud.

The first track is my attempt to use my voice with the Logic vocoders. The second track is a live recording by me and Steve! I’m behind the sequencer and Steve is going berserk on the Kaoss pad 🙂 We’re also using the MAM filterbank, which is nice cause I haven’t been using that a lot lately.

Would you let your child shoot an alien? – Teknopipo:

 Meet the Hug Lady – Maxckzje & Teknopipo:

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Recordings with Caroline

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Recorded and mixed two awesome songs today, with my new SE Reflection Filter 😀 All music, lyrics and vocals were written by Caroline Werner. I did the sequencing, the production, and a mixdown.

The first song is called Puppy Poster:

The second one is called Like a Summer Day:

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Reflection filter

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Will be doing some recordings with Caroline today, so I installed this reflection filter from SE to hopefully get rid of that hollow sound in this room. New Mac Mini and Beyer headphones in the background as well 🙂 

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Java SysEx programming

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I’m taking my first steps into the world of JavaSound programming. The first thing I learned is that the Snow Leopard default javax.sound.midi.spi implementation is buggy when it comes to SysEx message transmission. For the time being I’m sticking with the MMJ library instead.

As an example, I’ve been trying to send a “SID Skip Patch” command to my SID station. The SysEx message for this command is F0 00 20 3C 01 00 03 F7.

The following code shows how to construct this message in Java (example based on at

String s = "F000203C010003F7";
int n = s.length() / 2;
byte[] msg = new byte[n];
for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
    msg[i] = (byte) Integer.parseInt(
    s.substring(i * 2, i * 2 + 2), 16);

The next step is to send the resulting byte array to a MIDI out...

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Wireshark on Snow Leopard

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Finally fixed a bug that’s been annoying me for months. I managed to get Wireshark up and running on OSX Snow Leopard – without any crappy workarounds such as running it inside a virtual XP machine. The video below by dangribbin explains it all.

Summarizing the steps:

  1. Download and mount Wireshark for 10.5 Leopard Intel
  2. Drag Wireshark to Applications
  3. Open a terminal and type:
    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
    killall Finder (i.e. Finder with a capital F) did not work for me!
    – For more info on defaults type man defaults.
  4. Create /usr/local/bin/ if you don’t already have one.
  5. Drag the Command Line utilities into /usr/local/bin/.
  6. Drag ChmodBPF folder to Startup Items.
  7. In the terminal type:
    sudo chown -R root:wheel ChmodBPF
  8. Launch Wireshark
  9. Add /usr/s...
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Gitaarhaakjes opgehangen! Gauw een foto gemaakt voor de hele boel naar beneden lazert. Inclusief aap.

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