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Waldorf Microwave XT editor for Lemur

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XRLemurshotWork in progress: a professional Lemur template for the Waldorf Microwave XT, which allows you to remotely and easily control your orange monster.


  1. Full access to all Microwave XT sound parameters through efficient SysEx message implementation.
  2. Full duplex implementation allows initialization of the template based on current Microwave XT patch memory.
  3. Patch select from convenient 128-pad patch panel.
  4. Easy access to the 16-slot Modulation matrix and all Modifier functions.
  5. Easy access to Amplitude, Filter, Wave and Free Envelopes including visual waveform illustrations.
  6. Full arpeggiator implementation including visual 16 step User Pattern.
  7. Dynamic parameter display to achieve greater visual simplicity. For instance the F1Extra parameter is hidden for Filter types that don’t use i...
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