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And finally – the first mix by legendary producer’s duo Steve Hehanussa and Yvo Bogers featuring Cecilia Nordin (what a voice!) is here. Together we are known as Scochy:


This production is a remake of this excellent song, but be sure to stay tuned for upcoming own productions…

    8 comments to Scochy

    • Rutger  says:

      Sounds great! Makes me want to record music again as well… If you ever need a guitar part, let me know! 🙂
      That being said, on the original: “This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is no longer available in your country.” Thanks, Sony!

    • Pieter  says:

      Better than the original! Sounds awesome. I agree with Rutger 100% this brings back memories…
      keep it up!

    • Johannes  says:

      this is really vet, or dik.

    • Sylvia (BSis)  says:

      What…….? This is NOT the original song? I cannot hear the difference!! Good work boyz and girl. Keep the productions going……….. Would like to hear more from you!!!

    • Shirley (LSis)  says:


    • Mathias  says:

      Very good!! The aprios are excellent!! The vocals are sexy especially towards the ending of the song! The same sexy feel should be in the beginning of the song as well. Did you leave out the crowded club samples on purpose? Or did you plan to record them on you first live performance? Keep up the good work. I’am looking forward to hearing the next cover or original!

    • Groupie  says:

      Wereldklasse! Wanneer ga je op tournee, ik wil gaan met!

    • Herman  says:

      If this song by Scochy would have been released before the actual original song, I guess Scochy’s version was preferred above all other versions, (at least I do).

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