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mobilestudioI think I’ve sort of put together the mobile recording studio that I’ve always wanted to have. Gonna try it out today at the Älvsjö replokal. I’m curious what the drum microphones sound like. It’s a kit from JJlabs, a Swedish brand, and at around 2500 SEK it was an absolute bargain. Four dynamic tom clipons, a kickdrum mic and two overheads. The guy at Jam said I would not be disappointed, and if I was to be anyway, I could return it. Nice.

The C214 I picked up mainly for vocal recordings, but from my time at SAE I remember that its slightly bigger brother sounded really good on hihats as well. The C214 is supposed to be exactly like the C414, but it lacks the figure-eight and omni switch; it can only do cardioid recordings, which I think is actually just fine.

Then there’s the ProFire2626 which I’ve had for a while. A great firewire audio interface which comes with good Mac software and pretty good mic preamps. So I should be able to live without  separate mic preamp for a while, though of course that’s still an item on my wishlist 🙂

Completing the set with, of course, a MacBook running Logic Studio, and my DT770 Pro headphones which I’m actually looking to replace cause I think I’ve been hearing a strange crackle in them.

All in all, a sort of portable solution… Kind of heavy though, and I don’t have a car yet so I’ll see how my mood holds up in Stockholm’s public transport…. If today’s recording works out the way I want it to, I’ll post some stuff online. Meanwhile, if you need me to do a recording for you, give me a call 😉

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