Waldorf Microwave XT editor for Lemur

Work in progress: a professional Lemur template for the Waldorf Microwave XT, which allows you to remotely and easily control your orange monster. Features: Full access to all Microwave XT sound parameters through efficient SysEx message implementation. Full duplex implementation allows initialization of the template based on current Microwave XT patch memory. Patch select from convenient 128-pad patch panel. Easy access to the 16-slot Modulation matrix and all Modifier functions. Easy access to Amplitude, Filter,…

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Finally got around to unpacking the TB3 and TR8 that I bought in the US. Hooked them up and recorded this track.

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Toggling tracks and effects in Logic using an electronic drum kit

For a while now, I've been searching on the internet for some decent instructions on how to program toggles in Logic using a MIDI drum kit or keyboard. I've found a few hints here and there, but nothing that explains it from beginning to end. A couple of weeks back I finally managed to get a working setup so here's a description of how to go about it. The idea is simple. A toggle…

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I just rearranged my 19" rack. I took out the crackling Mackie, obsolete compressor and V-Amp, and rerouted some equipment so my setup is aimed more at actually making music instead of at trying to figure out nice audio routing. Suddenly my filterbank, guitar pedals, kaossilator and machinedrum came alive and produced this dark and sinister track called Bury me in a nameless grave: [soundcloud id='9199496']

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Logic Fader Data

One of the first things you should know is that most (though not all) of Logic's internal controls respond to Fader data, rather than MIDI controller data. To be able to control just about any fader in Logic using an external MIDI controller device, you will need to create the appropriate Transformer objects in the Environment. In the following example, I have a MIDI controller device connected to Logic's Physical Input. This could be…

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